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China Hongyang Group, is an integrated enterprise with the research & development, production and marketing of Fuel Dispenser and related accessories as well as service station concerning equipments. It concentrates on the relative manufacture & services of filling station such as Hongyang tax control Fuel dispenser, IC Card fuel dispenser, manage system of network for stations, submerge pump and liquid level devise. China Hongyang Group, designed supplier of SinoPec and PetrolChina, our HONGYANG products have been sold to over 50 countries in South-east Asia, Mid-east, Africa, Europe and well received in their markets.

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    ecord and display the volume of present and total filing (either volume or sale). Finally, the oil was measured and flowed out of nozzle via solenoid valve and oil indicator. The operator conducts the starting, close and control flow-rate; oil indicator is device used for air and foam check through eyes. Solenoid valve is mounted for preventing in presetting fuel from affecting accuracy due to the inertial of fuel. Fuel dispenser with submersible pump to delivery oil together, its motor and pump is operated by the nozzle or starting key. Submersible pump delivers pressured oil to many fuel dispensers, in this kind of fuel dispenser delivered through positi fuel dispenser ve pressure dot need to install built-in oil ?air separator, pump and motor, but the rest of components is similar to suction pump fuel disp fuel dispenser enser. Fuel dispenser’s design, manufacture, appraisal standard and certification Fuel dispenser belongs to one kind of legislative commercial measurements, which should be compulsorily appraised and managed through technology supervision departments at state and all levels. The design, manufacture and appraisal of fuel dispenser is in accordance with the relevant national provisions, standard and regulations, namely, National Standard GB/T9081-2001 Fuel Dispenser for Vehicle; National Standard GB3836-2000 electric Apparatus for explosion gas atmosphere; procedure of measurement appraisal for fuel dispenser JJG443-1998; Measurement technology regulations JJF1060-1999 Appraisal outline of tax-supervision fuel dispenser. Appraised fuel dispenser should obtain the manufacture licensing for measurement instrument issued by the state quality inspection administration; whole frame and components including explosion-proof parts should achieve the certificate of explosion-proof; domestic fuel dispenser employed in commercial filling station should attain the certificate of taxation function issued by the State Taxation Administration. Chapter II Hydraulic components of fuel dispenser Article I Fuel pump The fuel dispenser

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    off).   Action: The FP receives a Close_FP command.   Action : The FP state change is send as an unsolicited data array   FP_Status_Message .   MAJOR-ERROR If a major error event occurs the FP moves into the INOPERATIVE state.   PCD Comment:   When the PCD detects a major error with the proprietary FP or with itself it must   change the IFSF FP status to INOPERATIVE.   Action : The FP sends the unsolicited data FP_Error_Type_Mes .   The FP fuel dispenser state change is send as an unsolicited data array   FP_Status_Message .   MINOR-ERROR If a m fuel dispenser inor error event occurs the FP does not change the state.   PCD Comment:   When the PCD detects a minor error with the proprietary FP or with itself it must   leave the IFSF FP status as IDLE and generate the respective IFSF error message.   Action : The FP sends the unsolicited data FP_Error_Type_Mes .  FP31_2.21 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL June 2005   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 36  2.1.4 State Calling 4   STATE DESCRIPTION   A logical nozzle has been selected by a customer and the FP is waiting to be   CALLING   released.   EVENT DESCRIPTION   RELEASE_FP The release can only be accepted if at least one transaction buffer is available. The   number of transaction buffers is configured by the contents of the data element   Nb_Tran_Buffer_Not_Paid.   If a transaction buffer is n fuel dispenser

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    n the first six months. Mr Colaninno cut costs through a joint venture in China that allows Piaggio to source cheaper components. He improved relations with his workforce by striking a new deal with the unions, which included the introduction of air conditioning in the sweltering factories. And he acquired Aprilia, another Italian scooter-maker, to give the group more scale. So far the Colaninno cure seems to be working. Last year Piaggio reported a ?7.9m profit on sales of ?.5 billion. But to compete successfully with the Japanese, Mr Colaninno wants to go beyond traditional two-wheelers. Inspired by the popularity of hybrid petrol-electric cars, fuel dispenser Piaggio is developing hybrid scooters municipal authorities in Milan, Florence, Naples and Rome are now testing the new “green? Vespa. A fuel dispenser few weeks ago the firm also launched the MP3, a three-wheeler with two front wheels, in Piazza del Campidoglio, one of Rome s central squares. Though the company remains highly indebted and both Aprilia and Moto Guzzi (another scooter-maker owned by the group) still need to turn the corner, Piaggio can celebrate the Vespa s 60th birthday this year with some confidence. Established in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio, the company has made ships, aeroplanes and helicopters over the years. It transformed itself into a pure scooter-maker after the second world war, when Corradino D Ascanio, a talented engineer who was also a pioneer of the helicopter, came up with the idea of a user-friendly two-wheeler called the Vespa—the Italian for “wasp? Three years later Piaggio began to produce the Ape (Italian for “bee?, a three-wheeled vehicle that has become especially popular in India. Piaggio s production there has almost quadrupled in the past couple of years. When Mr Colaninno bought Piaggio, many assumed that he would try to turn the company around and quickly then sell out. Yet Immsi did not sell any shares in this week s IPO. Mr Colaninno, who has been boss of Telecom Italia and Olivetti, says he fuel dispenser